Hope and Growth is at the core of living a healthy and balanced life. Counseling can help guide you toward pursuing that life. People, like other living things, need essential ingredients to grow and flourish.

Like a plant, an individual needs to be firmly planted in enriched soil, in order to grow to its fullest potential. There are times that a plant will grow in sandy and less enriched soil, but not grow as vibrant as one in enriched soil. Each individual comes with a story.  Some of the stories begin as children when the rich soil was to be firmly added to encourage growth, but it wasn’t. Sometimes in counseling, that is where we begin; digging out the old poor soil and replacing it with new enriched soil. We use many tools in this process.

A plant also needs to be in the sun light. Putting a plant in the closet and expecting it to grow and thrive will encourage the plant to shrivel up and die. Choosing to place the plant on the window sill, it allows the plant the light it needs to become strong. The light is so essential for growth. Individuals that hide in their thoughts, the past, and possibly their own choices, need the light to shine on them. The light reveals the need for change, but it also shows off when change has occurred.

Watering and pruning is essential for a plant to grow. Counseling for some individuals is like watering and pruning. They have been given the enriched soil to grow and thrive, but they have been so busy caring for others, they have neglected to take care of themselves. Watering on a consistent basis allows the plant to function and grow. Tending to personal growth and self care encourages individuals to grow as well. Pruning is necessary to encourage new growth.  Counseling helps individuals see that the old thoughts and behaviors may be hindering new growth. We can provide the essential tools needed to prune away the old, so new growth can begin.

Each individual is at their own stage of development. You may be in the digging out old soil stage, replacing old soil with enriched soil stage, watering stage, or the pruning stage. Which ever stage you may find yourself in, Hope and Growth Center would like to be a part of your journey.