Raising Daughters

Raising Daughters

Written By: Sarah Bentz, The Hope and Growth Center

Today I am reflecting on raising daughters.  In a few weeks Kelly Johnson MA, LPC and myself will be sharing parenting information from our experience of raising daughters as well as our clinical experience and research.  Parenting is a humble experience, period.  Daughters do not come with instructions and they each come with their unique personality.  Navigating the best approach is sometimes a challenge as well as a reward.  As Kelly and I have sat down to plan and prepare we have been reminded of our own shortcomings as parents and how we have sometimes learned the hard way.  Our true desire is to be able to share with you our mistakes and victories as well as what we have learned from them. 

We are so excited to be able to share how girls are designed and what makes them unique physically, emotionally and communicatively.  Girls are not the same as boys.  We want to make sure that it is understood though that girls are equal as far as their importance to our world.  What girls bring to our culture and our families is something special.  We want to encourage you to embrace the uniqueness of how your daughter has been specially designed. 

Studies have shown that faith and spiritual beliefs are important to recovery and living a balanced life.  As parents, your own spiritual life is important to maintain as well as how you encourage your daughter to live her life.  We will share ways to begin or continue to guide your daughter to their own spiritual life.

Mom, you are such an important part of your daughter’s life.  The very fact that you too are female, you are an automatic role model.  Your daughter looks to you to know how to be a woman.  She will need your role as mentor to encourage her and guide her as she grows and leans into becoming all she can be.  Without mom’s most families would be more disconnected, and chaos would ensue.  Moms are the glue that holds families together.  We will discuss the special roles that moms play in their daughters’ life.

The role Dad’s play in their daughter’s life cannot be overlooked or discounted as less than the mom’s role.  In fact, the relationship a daughter has with their dad has more impact on her future than most relationships.  Did you know that Dads are their daughters’ first love?  That is a huge responsibility.  We hope that you will come to learn more about how your role as protector and leader, impacts your daughter. 

To say we are excited about sharing about raising daughters is an understatement.  The subject of daughters is so special to both of us, and we hope our excitement will be contagious. The goal for this workshop is to encourage parents of daughters to embrace their daughter’s uniqueness and give tools to help guide them to be the best parents they can be to their daughter.

The workshop will be held at Hope and Growth Center, on January 27th at 9am-11:30am.  There is a $40 charge for the workshop.

To register for the workshop email:  sarahbentz@hopeandgrowthcenter.com


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