Raising Adults

Raising Adults

Written By:  Tracy Dunn, The Hope and Growth Center

Can your 16-year-old make her own dentist appointment? Would your 18-year-old know how to ask another adult for advice, and would he do it? Does your college junior have ANY IDEA what she wants to do with her life?

A recent survey found that ONE THIRD of today’s 25–29-year-old adults live at home. Higher cost of living . . . lower living wages . . . the reasons are many, but the reality is the same: young people are struggling to make it on their own so much so that many don’t even want to try.

On Wednesday, June 26, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Hope and Growth Center will be hosting a “Raising Adults Workshop”. (It’s free, just sign-up by emailing me at tracydunn@hopeandgrowthcenter.com) Utilizing the book Failure to Launch by Mark McConville, PhD, the workshop will discuss:

  • Why it’s harder for them than it was for us (it really is)
  • Becoming Responsible
  • Becoming Relational
  • Becoming Relevant

I would love to tell you I did it perfectly. I didn’t. I certainly made mistakes as I launched my own young adults. The good news is, your guide for this journey has been there before, knows the pitfalls, and has learned the better path forward.

Let’s travel together,


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